Insolvency experts with a comprehensive perspective.

We provide legal counsel and representation in a wide range of insolvency proceedings, including complex and cross-border cases.

The key members of the team have extensive experience in the field of insolvency and have held prominent roles in the legal system and relevant organizations.

Our 360° approach

We are very proud of our comprehensive approach to insolvency, which enables us to provide our clients with alternatives and strategies that take into account practical, judicial, academic, and policy expertise derived from in-depth analysis of each case.


We offer expert insolvency advice, designing strategies to manage risks and create value in complex and cross-border proceedings.


Our firm has a strong track record in insolvency-related litigation and is known for thoroughly understanding 'both sides of the courtroom'.


Drawing on our corporate experience, we design unique strategies that involve various forms of financing and restructuring.

Two pillars of our firm

Somos la elección ideal para abordar sus desafíos financieros y legales.

Outstanding experience

At Hidvegi & Betancourt, our leaders have outstanding experience in insolvency, including roles in Colombia's bankruptcy court and legal reforms. This underpins our counsel in complex insolvency cases.

Comprehensive vision

We stand out for our commitment to excellence in insolvency, with team members serving as speakers and leaders in key industry organizations. This ensures that we are at the forefront of our field.

Success stories

Discover how we have assisted businesses and individuals in overcoming insolvency situations and regaining financial control. These are some examples of cases where our expertise and comprehensive approach have made a difference.

My company was facing serious financial difficulties, and it was thanks to the expert guidance of H | B that we managed to overcome this crisis.
Luisa Martínez
They consistently provide high-quality advice and creative solutions for the most complex challenges. They are true experts in their field.
Juan Pérez